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Wakeboarding in Greece. Wakeboarding is one of the most popular kinds of watersports that combines elements of water slalom, water ski, skate, and surfing.
We offer you the so called speedboat wakeboarding, where sportsmen slide beside the jet-ski or speedboat snatching at hayward, and do various tricks with the help of waves.
Wakeboarding is kind of like a cross between surfing and water skiing. You get pulled on the back of a boat the same as jet skiing however instead of two skis you are given what looks like a small surfboard which they've named a wakeboard.
The term wakeboard was given because using the board to launch yourself off the wake of the boat is the ultimate rush according to wakeboarders and is actually quite impressive if you get to see it.
Experienced trainers will help you to choose equipment and give all necessary instructions if you are a freshman.

Water Skiing in Greece. Water skiing can be an extremely exhilarating sport, but there is always the danger that you could lose your balance and fall into the water.
This does not mean however that you must be a very good swimmer in order to participate in water skiing. Luckily you have to wear a safety jacket to take part, and there should always be somebody there to pick you out of the water if you do fall.
Water skiing in Greece has gained fame in the past few years and now there are numerous chances for waterskiing for everyone from beginner to professional level sportsmen.
Water skiing is an interesting sport. Although in reality it is a lonely sport, but it still needs two people for the ability to do it. You cannot do this sport without a boat driver. That is why the water sports companies offer this chance to tourists, who are eager to try waterskiing in Greece.
The good thing in waterskiing is that, it does not require any special places or any special facilities to do, apart from a boat and the laces. If you control your waterskiing programmes by professionals, then you do not need to worry about where to do waterskiing. All you need to do is to get onto the ski and glide on the surface of the water.
If you are a beginner but would like to try out waterskiing in Greece, then the best thing to start with a good water-ski course is when you are on holiday over here!



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