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Kayaking in Greece.Kayaking is the process by which a kayak will be used to move through rivers or lakes. It is a great idea to discover great areas in Greece and live a new experience! The kayak is a small boat that must be powered by a human. It will have a deck which is covered, and it will also feature a cockpit that is covered as well. A special paddle is used to push it forward, and this boat was first invented by the Inuit and Aleut hunters in the colder regions of North America. A contemporary kayak can come in a wide variety of different styles, and kayaking is a sport which is enjoyed by many people. Research has indicated that the kayak has existed for at least 4,000 years.

Rafting in Greece. Rafting is one of the leading forms of holiday activities in Greece.It is an adventure and exciting water sport in the wilderness, taking participants to remote places that can only be reached by highways of water.Nothing compares to the thrill of running fast moving rapids or waterfalls. If you are fascinated by rivers, by the call to find what lies around the next bend of moving water , then this door is open for those who take on the challenge of running rivers. Whether you are a first-time rafter or a seasoned veteran of rivers, it is a truly exciting time to be a river runner and a witness to the power and splendour of the river's mighty rapids. Like most outdoor sports, rafting in general has become safer over the years. Expertise in the sport has increased, as well as a rescue team, and equipment has become more specialised and increased in quality. At the same time, rafting must balance its use of nature with the conservation of rivers as a natural resource and habitat.

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