Welcome to Greece !!!

Flyboard in Greece . We can realize old dream of mankind about flying in the sky like a bird! You will fly like Ikarus but without wings, and your flight will be safe. Flyboard  is a flying board that gives a feeling of freedom not only in the air but also in the sea! Flyboard is connected to water jet of jet-ski by a long flexible hose. You will fly over the water up to 9 meters, sharply shoot upwards, whirl, somersault, do acrobatic tricks, dive under water and swim like a dophin!

Jetpack in Greece. Jetpack is a new kind of adventure sport in Greece !!! Every year a lot of tourists interesting to feel this wonderful and full of action sport !!!

Now everybody can be James Bond for a while!

Ever wonder what it feels like to move through the air how Iron Man does? Well, now you can! With Water Jet Pack , you can have the most unforgettable flying experience of your life. Bring your dream of flying and turn it into a reality with the water jet pack.

Our shortened term for a recreational water-propelled jetpack will not only let you fly like Iron Man, but you can also become like Aquaman as you dive back and forth from the water magnificently. See the world 10 meters above the ground by the power of water pressure from your jetpack. Flying is made possible by the Jetpack and the adventure is unique!.

The pod unit of the Jetpack is responsible for pumping water from the sea and pushes it upward the 10-meter hose and then into the jetpack, where it is aimed to the surface below from the two control nozzles thereby pushing the pilot forward and smoothly to the air. Certified water jet pack flight instructors will guide you all throughout the 15-minute session so you can be sure that you are safe in the hands of these experts. You too will have your very own safety equipment like a helmet and a life vest plus a two-way receiver built into your helmet so you can have direct communication with your instruction while on air. For beginners, especially first-timers, your jetpack instructor will have throttle control helping you in your flight.
So concentrate on seizing the moment and have absolute fun!



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