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Welcome to Greece !!!

Few experiences in the world can match being in control of your own Yacht ,Motorboating or Sailing Boat and heading to the destination of your choice with the sun on your back and without a care in the world.

Greece is home to thousands of islands and offers a vast playground to intrepid explorers sailing in Greece. With so much to explore, there is naturally an abundance of Sailing and Motorboating companies in Greece. Experienced sailors can spend days at sea exploring of islands and open sea, whilst beginners can pick up the basics on small specialized training Sailing Boats designed to enable first timers to gain confidence and familiarize themselves with the dynamics of their boat.

Sailing lessons can be in-expensive and it is easy to find a reputable operator with full qualifications in sailing and first aid. Soon enough you could be part of a team handling larger crafts giving the potential to travel over large distances providing more independence and a more memorable sailing trip.Greece is also host to a number of sailing competitions which are very popular .

For sailing events in Greece please visit the events page. If you are looking for Sailing or Motorboating companies in Greece, either for a sailing or motorboating course, or a 1 day/multi day trip, Greek Activities can help put you in touch with a suitable company.



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