Hang Gliding

Welcome to Greece !!!

Discover one of the most exciting and thrilling flights in Greece while enjoying some of the most beautiful and magnificent views of the Greek mountains.

Capture your sense of adventure surrounded by the beautiful mountains while gliding through the sky with a light breeze of Greek air.

You do not need any flying skills to take a part of this wonderful Tandem Hang Glider flights, only the sense of adventure is enough to make yourself the king of sky for a while.

After an introduction to the equipment and pre-flight briefing, you will be harnessed into the hang glider with your pilot-instructor.

The Ultralight will start to tow your glider into the air for trilling ride by gaining height. On the altitude of 4000 meters the towline will get released.

You and your pilot- instructor will glide free and silent in complete awe of spectacular view of countryside.

You may even take the control and fly the hang glider yourself or enjoy the thrill of limited aerobatics before your instructor lines up for a gentle rolling landing on wheels.

After flight you will be offered refreshment while you will witness others takeoff and landing. You can try the ride on Ultralight aircraft to participate in towing of next glider. It is completely new unique experience too.

The whole adventure will be photographed and recorded by our special camera attached to the glider so you can share this great experience with your friends and relatives back at home.



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