Greek Activities has teamed up with a select number of companies throughout the region to assist in promoting activities from Sailing to Motorbike Tours, Paragliding to scuba diving and so much more, our website will help put you in touch with the best company for your desired activity.

We partner with the leading companies in their respective fields, and can help advise you what activity is best at a particular time of year. The Greek Activities is also a useful source of information for anything sports related, whether you are looking for the best mountain biking trail or want to know what Greece has the best activity we can provide assistance and advice to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Greece is a unique and beautiful country, and an exciting destination for thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts who come to take advantage of its amazing resources. Try trekking , kayaking ,sailing, paramotor trike , climbing mountains to gaze out over breathtaking views, scuba diving or cycling through the most amazing scenery. There is something for everyone! And here at Greek Activities we aim to bring all of these opportunities together under one site. We can advise on the places to go, the best courses on offer and how to get started.

Greek Activities is the brainchild of Mr. Panos Dermitzakis and his team ,sports enthusiasts living in Greece. We have experienced and enjoyed the huge amount of activities on offer, but spotted a gap in the availability of information in one comprehensive site. Our website aims to fill that gap, putting you in touch with the best companies, giving you advice, information and tips for the best possible experience.


Greek Activities works with the leading companies in Greece. Click below to find out more about who we work with.

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