Welcome to Greece !!!

Paragliding is the most simplest, safest and least expensive way of discovering the joys of flying alone to experience the aerial views of the magnificent Greek region.

We play with gravity, nature and its elements with almost unbelievably simplicity. Our sport has developed enormously in the last 20 years, today we can rise togehther with birds into thermals and fly enormous distances and many hours.

Paragliding is NOT an high-risk sport. Let us forget daily problems and take off to enjoy the unforgettable impressions of nature.

This is an ideal way to see life from a new perspective. Flights are operated almost throughout the year . Flights take place from sunrise to sunset every day, provided there are no rains.

The paragliding is the most free form to fly. Today the technic is absolutely perfect, and gives safety flight experience for the paraglider pilot.

After the compilation of equipment, you can pull with the lines your wing over your head, and take just few steps and you are in the airspace.

All-round over and over you can flight with the thermals (rising air currents), to the clouds, over mountains, lakes, towns,beaches.

Landing is also relative simple: you just have to navigating over the landing area, and after the approach from the final gliding soft touch the ground.

Paragliding gives you every time new experiences discovering the nature; get to know interesting people and things. The paragliding today is the most known form of aviation all around the world.



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