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Welcome to Greece !!!

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On Vacation

Time for yourself. Time to relax. Time to enjoy life at its finest!

Whether it is just an intimate party enjoying some quality time or a larger group of family or friends, we have it all covered! Be it a sightseeing, a shopping spree or a dinner trasportation we will guide you to the best places in the country!


Greece is a beautiful and serene country with lots of things to see and to explore. Let us take you to see the most interesting destinations! Learn about the Greek culture and interesting facts.

At Disposal

Are you a free spirit, who likes to do things in your own way when it is most suitable for you? Without hassles.
Then we recommend you to have a car and a chauffeur at your disposal. A very convenient way to get to know the best of the country!

Welcome to the land of festive transportation

On the most important day of your life you wish to be pampered. It is not the time to take care of anything more than living your dreams!
By letting us to be at your disposal you can be sure to have the best service available! A luxurious vehicle and a chauffeur add the final touch to your unforgettable day.
Be it the most important day of your life - your wedding or a birthday,an anniversary or a retirement party, a limousine ride will make it special.
For larger groups, such as bachelor parties, an american limousine might be the perfect solution.

A Drive to Success

Are you looking for a reliable business partner to meet your transportation needs? Need to be sure that you will not be disturbed during your day with additional hassles?

All our partners drivers are professionals whose only job - besides the driving - is to make sure you have everything you need. Our multilingual team has been carefully trained to meet your needs and to make your working day as smooth as possible.

Let us make your business easier and take care of you during your stay in Greece!



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